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i360° City Phuket Virtual Tour!

i360° City Phuket Virtual Tour!


Take a Complimentary Virtual Tour of Phuket’s Top Attractions and Companies with i360city.

We’re happy to announce that i360city has released a free virtual tour of Phuket, allowing you to discover the island’s top attractions, secret spots, and neighborhood establishments from the convenience of your home.

The virtual tour offered by i360city has plenty to offer everyone, regardless of whether you have travel plans to Phuket soon or want to take in the island’s natural beauty and dynamic culture. Let’s examine what you may anticipate from the tour in more detail.

Discover Hidden Beaches

Although Phuket is well-known for its beautiful beaches, many undiscovered treasures await finding. You may explore some of the island’s most stunning hidden beaches with the help of i360city’s virtual tour, including Freedom Beach and Banana Beach.

An isolated cove with lush vegetation and clean waters is called Freedom Beach. Banana Beach, which has smooth white sand and calm waves, is another undiscovered gem that can only be reached by boat.

Find out more about Central Phuket Shopping Center

One of the biggest malls in Phuket, the Central Phuket Shopping Mall, is also included in i360city’s virtual tour if you’re in the market for some retail therapy. You can browse the mall’s various stores, eateries, and entertainment options and even book or make reservations from the tour interface.

Discover Companies and Schools

The virtual tour of Phuket by i360city features a range of companies, schools, sights, and beaches. You can look into local businesses that help make Phuket a thriving and diversified community, including real estate firms and international schools like the British International School Phuket.

Each company and school’s offers, services, and contact information are covered in detail in the virtual tour. Also, each company has a separate online location where you can look around and get a feel for how they do things.

Use it for FREE, and remember to tell your friends about it.

The virtual tour of Phuket offered by i360city may be accessed on various devices and is entirely free to use. The tour is accessible via a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone and features easy-to-use controls for navigating the information.

What are you waiting for? Take a virtual tour of Phuket today and discover the Big Buddha, undiscovered beaches, the Central Phuket Shopping Mall, neighborhood shops, and local institutions of higher learning. Tell your friends and family about the tour and i360city’s ground-breaking virtual tour platform. Happy adventuring!



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